Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is one of the best kept secrets in flooring.

If you want the durability and easy maintenance of a tile floor but the look of wood or granite, porcelain tile floors are right for you. Porcelain tile is now made with a look that rivals ceramic tile and comes in a far greater range of design options.

Porcelain is denser, more porous, and harder than ceramic tile thus offering greater stain and water resistance. Stronger than granite and resistant to staining, porcelain is also easy to clean and offers superior wear resistance. Porcelain tile comes in two basic varieties:

  • Through-bodied: Color and texture run all the way through making it easy to hid scratches or chips.
  • Glazed: In this instance the tile is completely covered in a top layer that is often colored. This version offers the widest range of color and design options.

Porcelain tile’s design options are practically endless.

There are few flooring options available with as many design options as porcelain tile. You can choose a porcelain floor that looks like granite, limestone or other natural stone tiles. You can even find tile that looks like natural hardwood wood. Manufacturers are starting to really have fun with porcelain tile offering designs that look like leather, fabric and even animal prints – all with the durability and easy maintenance of tile.

The design experts at Kermans can help you select the porcelain tile that will be the perfect fit for your Indianapolis home. Stop by our showroom and shop our wide selection of porcelain tile.