Ceramic Tile

Tile is both a popular and long-lasting flooring.

Ceramic tile floors are seen in homes throughout Indianapolis. Particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic tiles are waterproof and easy to clean.

Tips for selecting ceramic tile

Glazed vs unglazed

One is not necessarily better than the other but one may be a better fit for the use and traffic in your room.

  • Glazed: Color is added to the tile after firing. The glasslike surface is bonded to the tile. Glazing allows brighter colors to be used and adds stain resistance. Because of their slick, glassy surface, glazed tiles are used mostly on walls or countertops. Glazed tile offers more color choices than unglazed.
  • Unglazed: (Also called quarry tiles). The pigment or natural color is present during firing and is part of the tile itself. Unglazed tile needs sealing for stain resistance.

Toughness and scratch resistance

There are manufacturer’s ratings for all ceramic tiles – from group one that is most suitable for low traffic situations to group five that is commercial grade strength. Ask to see the toughness rating and scratch resistance factor to help you pick the best tile for your home.

Color, texture and size

Once you’ve determined the best type of tile for your room, you can select the style that best fits your room’s design. Ceramic tile comes in a wider variety of colors and sizes than most people realize and offers quite a bit of design options. Ceramic tiles can also be used to create a beautiful mosaic pattern.

The design experts at Kermans can help you select the ceramic tile that will be the perfect fit for your Indianapolis home. Stop by our showroom and shop our wide selection of tile.