Tile FAQ

Questions about tile? We’ve got answers.

  1. Is my existing floor okay for tile? If not, what changes must be made and why?
  2. How long will installation take?
  3. What type of tile is best for my kitchen? Bathroom? Dining room? Foyer? etc.
  4. I’ve heard that tile is pretty much maintenance-free. Is this true?
  5. How long will a tile floor last?
  6. I’ve been told that tile is slippery when it gets wet. Is this true?
  7. I have a radiant heat floor. Can I install ceramic tile directly over it?
  8. I want a radiant heat floor. Can Kermans do that?
  9. I’ve been told that ceramic tile is too cold and uncomfortable because it’s so hard. Should I consider another floor that’s more comfortable?
  10. I have little kids, and I’m worried that they might drop something and damage a tile. Is tile the right choice for me?

And perhaps the most important question:
Why should I shop with Kermans versus another company?

Kermans is a family-run company with nearly a century in business focused on one thing: helping your family make your house a home. Our consultative approach to serving our customers contributes to our longstanding success and positive reputation in the business. Our designers are available to help you with your selections at no charge and our showroom offers the selection and pricing you need. Learn more about Kermans.