Before You Buy Tile

What to know before you buy tile in Indianapolis.

Many people choose tile because of its practicality and variety of styles. However, by its very nature, the different styles, textures and patterns can make purchasing tile a difficult decision. At Kermans our Design Consultants are happy to answer all of your questions and narrow down your selections to the right character and price point for your needs.

Selecting the right tile for your use

Not all tile is suitable for each area of your home. You don’t want a porous tile in a bathroom or kitchen because it will absorb water. Entryways need a hard, scratch-resistant tile. Tiles for an outdoor room require different specifications than indoors.

Creating your own design

Each tile has its own color and texture but you can customize your particular room with accent pieces such as trim work and decorative tiles. First, consider the size of the room and its primary use. Kermans’ design consultants can then help you create a layout pattern, including trim, decorative patterns, grout color and grout sealer.

Tile flooring and tile wall in bathroomUnderstanding shading

Many styles of tile, ceramic in particular, are designed to look and feel like natural stone. That means they often contain a textured surface and color variations. Even if you select solid color tiles, you will still see shade variation from tile to tile. Each tile manufacturer will label the sample telling you how much variation to expect overall–codes range from minimal variation (Uniform Appearance) to wide variation with different colors on different tiles (Random Variation).

Glazed or unglazed

All ceramic tile has microscopic holes, glazed tile has “filled in” these holes and are very durable and a little easier to maintain. However, the color in the glaze layer may be different from that of the body. Often times, unglazed tile is referred to as “through body” where the color on the top goes all the way through the tile. Due to this characteristic, unglazed tile tends not to show wear as much. Unglazed tile may also have better slip resistance.

There is a lot to consider when buying tile and Kermans is here to help every step of the way. Our knowledgeable sales staff will walk you through all important decisions. Next on the list? What type of tile best fits your needs.