Area Rug Types

There is an area rug that’s just right for your home.

Area rugs offer more variety than any other floor covering. There are differences in the way the rug is made and differences in styles and tones depending on the region in which they were made. Kermans carries many different types of rugs and our design consultants are happy to discuss the best uses of each.

Traditional, hand-knotted area rugs
Rich in history and hue, Oriental area rugs are the aristocrats of area rugs and are prized in any design scheme. Kermans carries the traditional jewel tone rugs as well as a wide variety of more modern earth tones. Authentic hand-knotted Oriental area rugs may take years to create, but can wear well for more than a century.

Machine-made rugs
Kermans is proud to carry the highest quality machine-made rugs from the leading dealer in the industry: Karastan. These elegant rugs are often indistinguishable from hand-made rugs and each carries a 20-year warranty.

Whether you are looking for a traditional rug, a transitional piece or need a more contemporary feel, Kermans Design Consultants can help you find the style that fits your needs.

Regional differences

Area rugs are known for their diversity and detailed designs. While this variety helps consumers find just the right style for their needs, it is actually based on ancient customs and traditions. Different villages and countries tended to produce distinctly different rugs. The unique designs became a hallmark of that region and have resulted in a tremendous selection of colors, styles and techniques today.

Area rug fibers

Area rugs can be constructed from synthetic and/or natural fibers. Either fiber offers a beautiful finished product that is easy to care for and will last for years.

  • Wool: Noted for luxury and softness, wool is durable, and easily dyed making it available in many colors. Most of the rugs you’ll find at Kermans are wool. They are of much nicer quality, more stain resistant and longer lasting.
  • Nylon: Nylon gives the versatility needed to make synthetic rugs look like antique masterpieces. With attributes such as easy cleaning and superior wear, nylon makes a classic rug at an excellent price.

We invite you to visit the Kermans showroom to get a hands-on feel for each area rug style. While you are there, our design consultants can talk to you about your specific needs and make recommendations. Once you’ve selected the right area rug, the next step is installation.