Top Area Rug Manufacturers

Where and how your area rug is made does make a difference.

Kermans is proud to carry some of the best-known names in high quality area rugs. We have the selection and prices to fit your budget and needs. Please stop by our showroom today to see our rug selection first-hand.


We’ve been innovators since the year 1928. The year American retailer and textile manufacturer Marshall Field built a loom capable of recreating the detailed craftsmanship of a hand-woven rug. From the moment the first Karastan came off the loom (2:02 p.m., April 8, 1928), our name became synonymous with elegant machine-made rugs that rivaled their handmade counterparts.

The most beautiful and luxurious choice of all, 100 percent New Zealand worsted wool is used in most Karastan rugs. Wool is a natural fiber that is highly regarded for its strength, durability, crush resistance, cleanability, comfort, and beauty. Visit Karastan Wools to learn more about this superior fiber.


Kalaty is a family business that has always been known for its superb ability to combine color and design to create rugs which portray “Tradition for Today”. The Kalaty family’s rug business started in the 1900’s and is still run by the five Kalaty brothers and Mr. Kalaty.


Momeni, a family name, a mark of quality, and an expert source of ideas for making your home come alive with true timeless beauty, was established half a century ago. Though styles have come and gone, behind them all is the fundamental principle that Momeni rugs are created to touch our senses. From concept through production, a family member is there making sure that the highest standards are being met. This Momeni standard of quality, elegance, and sophistication has been recognized time and time again with America’s Magnificent Carpet Award.

Masland Rug

Masland Carpets and Rugs was founded in Pennsylvania in 1866 and still today boasts of its heritage as the leading carpet and Rug manufacturer in the United States. Masland Rugs have always inspired creative expression and satisfied the desire for beauty. You will find elegant traditional rugs inspired by European art and architecture alongside ancient tribal designs and playful looks bursting with contemporary energy. With every style, Masland adheres to superlative standards of quality in our materials and manufacturing practices, to ensure rugs of timeless beauty and enduring quality.

Custom Made Rugs by Kermans

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Let Kermans craftsmen create a one of a kind rug just for you! It can be a very affordable solution to your design needs. We are also able to cut, bind, serge and shape regular carpet into a custom rug just for you. Our Design Consultants will work closely with you to make a quality rug that is truly just for you.

We have decades of experience with rugs and can make your vision into a rug reality.

Visit our showroom to see hundreds of affordable styles and colors.