Textured Carpet

Texture results in a contemporary, durable carpet.

When the yarns from a cut pile carpet are tightly twisted, you have a distinctly different type of carpet that is also very durable. Twist carpet styles often come with different shades of yarn to better highlight the twisted, bent yarns. Twisted carpets do not show wear and tear as quickly as other carpets.

Friezé Carpet Example

Friezé (pronounced free-zay)

Friezé gives a room a contemporary look while making it a smart choice for any high traffic area in your home. Tightly twisted yarns give friezés a contemporary look and make it a smart choice for any active part of your home. This style is less likely to show vacuum marks or footprints than other cut pile styles.


Shag Carpet Example


Shags are back and more stylish than ever! The new shags combine a variety of yarn thickness and textures to make a trendy and bold statement in your home.



Textured carpet is a level cut pile with some of the strands twisted more than others. This allows the yarn to bend in different directions and gives the carpet the look of slightly different shades and textures.

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