Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet has many creative designs and styles.

Loop pile or cut pile carpets can also be combined to bring a different element of design to your décor. Some carpets choose to create a pattern with different lengths of yarn or styles of cut. Other carpets take a bolder approach and introduce multiple colors and designs to form patterns that are suitable for formal or contemporary settings.

Cut and Loop Carpet Example

Cut and loop

Cut and loop carpet combines cut and uncut loops to create a pattern available in solid colors and multi colors. There are infinite numbers of unique geometric and overall patterns from which to choose.


Patterned loop

Patterns can also be created in loop style carpet by mixing high pile loops and shorter low pile loops forming a distinctive design. Patterned loop carpets can also be found with different shades of yarn to add a more obvious pattern.


Dyed patterns

Cut pile carpet yarns can be dyed to create a contrasting color pattern–often with leaves or a repeating geometric design.

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