Loop Pile Carpet

Carpet is a durable, stylish choice.

All woven carpets are constructed with a loop pile surface. Loop style carpets leave the loops uncut for a continuous surface that resists crushing and matting.

High traffic areas benefit most from loop style carpet. Looped carpet doesn’t show footprints or dirt as easily and is easy to vacuum. There are a variety of loop styles to consider. Each feels slightly different underfoot and brings its own style to your room.

Loop Carpet example

Level loop pile

This style wears well and is suited for casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity


Berber Carpet example


Berbers are usually made in a loop construction from thick bulky yarns. The term Berber actually refers to the flecks of color against a pale background.

The design experts at Kermans can help you select the carpet that will be the perfect fit for your Indianapolis home. Stop by our showroom and shop our wide selection of carpet.