Types of Carpet

Cut pile carpet has a soft, comfortable feel.

Cut pile carpet is created when the loops that result from weaving are cut and allowed to slightly tuft, giving the carpet a dense, soft appearance. Cut pile carpet is the most common type of residential carpet in Indianapolis. The texture of cut pile carpets comes from the twist and density of the yarn.


Level cut carpet

Level cut

Level cut pile is probably the most popular carpet type. It’s durable because of the type of fiber used, the density of the tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn. More twisted yarn will hold its shape longer which makes it a smart choice for higher traffic areas.


Saxony carpet


Saxony has a soft texture that’s created by twisting fibers then using heat to straighten the yarn. This style will show foot and vacuum marks. This is a good choice when you want a formal look in a room that has less traffic.

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