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Jodi Thompson

Design Consultant

Started with Kermans: 2020

Related background: Jodi earned a dual-major degree in comparative literature and design from Butler University, as well as an MFA in printing and design from Herron School of Art. With 30 years of experience running an interior design business, she began her relationship with Kermans when she started working with flooring in 2011. As an artist, she’s developed an approach that encourages customers to build a look book so they can scope out what they really want and narrow down the choices that resonate with them.

Why customers like working with Jodi

Jodi’s customers often end up becoming her friends, partially because she’s so good at developing genuine rapport, exploring options and helping customers discover what matters most to them. She takes a holistic approach to the process of choosing flooring, one that considers many elements of each room and zeroes in on the things that each customer considers essential. She’ll offer feedback when it’s helpful, but the final results have to reflect the customer’s unique tastes.

Favorite Design Advice:

Your home is your special piece of artwork, and I don’t sign your canvas – I just help you prepare the canvas. It’s an honor to help you make a house a home.

More about Jodi

  • What do you like to do in your free time? I’m a writer and an abstract painter working in oils and acrylic, entering my work in juried competitions. I also make handmade paper.
  • Coffee or tea? Water or wine
  • Where did you grow up? I’m an Indianapolis native.
  • Favorite color combination: Bright, bold shades and black


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