Cleaning advice from Indianapolis carpet store

Many of us will be entertaining guests over the holidays and when you have a lot of people, spills happen. Spills on carpet can be tricky to clean. Indianapolis carpet store, Kermans, has some great advice to help you keep your carpet looking like new.

Top three tips for keeping your carpet clean

1. Blot don’t rub: Use a clean white cloth and blot the area until it is just barely damp. Don’t scrub the carpet because you can damage and fray the fibers.

2. Work from the center of the spill inward to help prevent the stain from spreading.

3. Use the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Spot Solver to learn how to handle specific spills. They’ve got you covered from acetone to wine!

More great cleaning tips from Kermans, your Indianapolis carpet store

Maintaining your carpet is about more than cleaning up spills. To help extend the life of your carpet, consult Kermans’ Carpet Care Guide.

Kermans is proud to be one of the best carpet stores in Indianapolis. We carry the latest carpet trends alongside true classics and at a variety of prices. Whether you’re looking for carpet for your starter home or your new retirement retreat, Kermans carpet store has you covered. Stop by our showroom on the northside of Indy to experience the Kermans Advantage for yourself.

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