The importance of cleaning your area rug

There is a common misconception that area rugs are works of art and should be treated as such. We agree, your area rug is beautiful, but it is designed to be walked on and it should be. In actuality, as you walk on your rug the layers of pile will start to break resulting in a shinier, smoother appearance! A good quality area rug is not easily damaged and with proper maintenance and cleaning, your area rug will be a beautiful, comfortable enhancement to your home for years to come.

Cleaning and maintaining your area rug is the key to this equation. You may think vacuuming is enough, but a deep clean is also necessary to protect your area rug investment — just like many other parts of your home.

Plain and Simple. Why clean your area rug?

1) Extend the life of your rug
2) Revive the colors of your rug
3) Dirt, germs, grime build up over time — no one wants that in their home!

See the difference for yourself.

before cleaning after cleaning

Kermans Flooring offers professional area rug cleaning services. Visit our website for specials on area rug cleaning or call us directly at 317-842-5700. We want to help you care for your area rug and keep it beautiful.

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